Anyone know a quick way to fix a wood bar top with a bad stain?

Question by ioftenquotemyself: Anyone know a quick way to fix a wood bar top with a bad stain?
I have just had my most recent DOH! experience. I left a scented oil plug-in on my brother’s wood bar top and it ate away some of the stain. Is there an easy way to fix this so he doesn’t kill me? Or am I going to have to pull out the credit card and pay a pro?

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Answer by versantly
cover it with something like a cup or basket OR remove the finish, sand down, and restain.

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Why is burning wood not considered Zero Emissions?

Trees when growing convert CO2 to O2, and when burning the wood it simply balances the equation. Meaning, no additional CO2 is generated/released. So why is this not considered Zero Emissions (aka “green”)??

Also, why are we not encouraging power plants to burn wood for use in their steam turbines generators?? Firewood even in large volumes is exceptionally cheap and very renewable… In fact, large amounts of smaller “non-ideal” trees are just left to rot in the fields many times by loggers…
As far as running out of trees… Trees are easy to grow as pulp mills will no doubt testify to. Meaning, they are just big weeds if you think about it.

Also, trees do not remove CO2 long term. Meaning, when they are burned or simply rot, they release all the CO2 they converted.
Carbon Monoxide is only produced if the wood is not completely burned. Also, “soot” as you call it is also called Potash, and is one of most sought after fertilizers.

Next, I cannot find any data on any health concerns… Burning forests have been with us since the beginning of man…

NT/6 Wood Burning Turbine Stove/Generator

NT/6 Highlights (proposed specifications) – self starting. – runs on wood, garbage or bio-mass (or anything else you can stuff into the combustor that burns and gives off good heat). – totally self sufficient – can be run in remote locations without gas or diesel fuel. – expected to produce around 2000W continuous. – DC output: 24V @ 80A – AC output: 120 – 240V @ 50-60Hz (AC output will depend upon battery and inverter capacity) – excellent source of warmth. – fuel wood consumption: TBA. – easy to maintain, (change the oil every few months) – reliable, turbos are simple and last a long time. More to follow. I have not begun working on the free turbine and generator system yet. (Too busy with other projects!) NOT MINE! CONTACT NTC for info!! Thanx

wood burning generator/ steam engine generator?

Since there is a lot of unrest in the world, our economy is in some trouble and I live in an area plagued by hurricanes… I want the ability to generate my own electricity to run my home. What I am searching for is not intended to be used under normal conditions, but as an emergency source of power that could do things like heat water for a shower, keep a house (or part of a house) warm or cool during the night…. stuff like that, not a full scale, every day, all day electricity source…. emergency.

I looked at generators, but when there is trouble, there is almost always a lack of gasoline. If supplies are cut off, it could be months to resupply and one can only keep so much gas around, and it is a fire/explosion hazard.

I want to create some sort of wood burning electricity generator. I was thinking a steam engine type setup. I could burn wood and debris to power it.

Are these available? Could I build one on my own? Maybe an oil drum, some pipes and a modified generator?
In addition, how much does it cost to rent an arc welder? How difficult are they to use?

And, where can I find an old oil drum…. to use as a boiler?