What is more likely: That various governments paid off 97% of climatologists to say global warming is man-made?

Question by Gods bless the USA A.R.T.: What is more likely: That various governments paid off 97% of climatologists to say global warming is man-made?
Or that oil companies paid off 3% to say it isn’t?

Who has more to make from this deal? A government who could possibly gain a slight economic advantage by creating jobs in alternative energy or whatever? Or an oil company which stands to lose tens of billions of dollars because usage of their product is literally making the globe unsafe for humans to live on?

And if government were indeed paying off scientists, it would be a worldwide conspiracy. Only a handful of climate scientists reject global warming, there are tens of thousands of climate scientists around the globe who all agree it is indeed being accelerated by man’s actions. Do people really think a conspiracy theory with tens of thousands of people involved is possible to maintain?

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Answer by Duke
Lol, people still believe in man made global warming.

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  1. Global waring took off after America became the only western country not to ratify Kyoto they thought finally they had something over America “We lead follow our lead in saving mother earth”

  2. It’s irritating and also not unexpected that the two people who have answered so far who deny it paid no attention to your actual question.

  3. Who cares ?

    Okay, say everyone agrees there is man made global warming.

    Would that make you happy ?

    2. But what would it accomplish ?

    They are not gonna ban fossil fuel, which produces most green house gas’s

    because other than nuclear power plants, there is NOTHING that can replace fossil fuel power plants

    Even the IPCC said that.

    3. In 2009 and 2010, we had a liberal president and a liberal congress with a filibuster proof majority in the senate

    They introduced no climate change Bills at all, they just ignored global warming those two years.

    So if a very liberal president and congress, refuse to address the issue

    Just what do you think could be done now ?

    4. Its like the thought police, people cannot stand that others do not believe in global warming

    But even the ones who believe in it, have no viable solutions to the issue.

    5. So whats the point of worrying about it, if the left will not alow nuclear power plants to be built

    All the clean energy technology in the worls, cannot replace fossil fuel power plants.

  4. I certainly agree with what you said.
    The next thing that seems to be happening is that domestic oil exploration is being sold to Americans as a patriotic answer to foreign oil.

    Where I live in Texas, they’re drilling so many new oil wells that the big trucks run night and day down our formerly peaceful road and some fields have ten new oil wells being drilled all around each other, in total disregard to the property values of the homeowners nearby.

    We don’t own our mineral rights; it costs four times the value of the property to buy them.
    So the oil companies can basically come on your land, drill close to your house, and not pay you a penny for the the damage to your land, your water well, or the structural stability of your home.

    And if your well water gets poisoned, the EPA cannot help you, as the Halliburton Clause pushed through by George Bush ties their hands.
    Then, one night, a poison gas leak from the oil well can creep into your house and kill you, and you won’t even detect any odor, as there is none.

    More oil exploration in America? It’s not out there in some hinterland, it’s coming near you.

  5. Neither of the above. What is reality? Warming is occurring; then, after that, it cools down again. It’s been going on for over 2 billion years and will continue until the planet burns up in Sol’s eventual explosion.
    Man has never had any influence on the climate other than the air-conditioning and furnaces in their homes.
    AGW is a political ploy to move cash from your pocket to theirs without having to prove any good comes from the transfer.
    BTW – Oil companies per se (I’m sure you are speaking of XOM, RDS and CVX haven’t ever set the price of oil. The free market does that)

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