Q&A: Why do so many people think that climate change is a scam?

Question by It’s him again: Why do so many people think that climate change is a scam?
Surely 98% of the world’s scientists wouldn’t deliberately conspire together to mislead the public?
Actually it’s nearer 98.5%.
100s of scientists may argue against climate change but many thousands of scientists agree with the findings.

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Answer by kill miss levine
They’re un-educated..or they don’t care.

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  1. I disagree with your 98% figure, as there are hundreds, if not thousands of climate scientists who do not believe MGW is a crisis. Additionally, there is published scientific data that show the IPCC model CO2/temperature sensitivity is too high.

    The IPCC is the big proponent, and most of those scientists receive funding to study GW. No GW, no funding. No funding, gotta find real work.

    There is no scientific PROOF. The argument is based on correlations and computer models, usually accompanied by adhominem attacks (Alinsky Rules for Radicals, Rule #5).

    Correlations are NOT proof. If a bird sings in the morning and the sun rises, did the bird cause the sun to rise? No… It is a correlation, but clearly NOT proof. The same logical flaw is used by the alarmists for Polar bears and ice sheet and glacier shrinking… correlation? Maybe. there is NO scientific link to the CAUSE.

    The 21 IPCC models do not agree within a factor of 10 (1000%). Seems that spending trillions on that “evidence” is foolhardy to any individual not dependent on GW financing.

    Follow the money… there have been over $50 billion spent so far in the US on GW, with the promise of hundreds of millions more funding for GW research if 0bama has his way.

  2. There are a couple of reasons. One is that it is a difficult concept to accept, and people do not educate themselves enough to understand how settled the science is. But there is also a political reason: people who are particularly fearful of government hate to admit any problem that requires the world working together. Because of fear of “Big Brother”, anything the requires cooperation is too scary to think about. This is why there is this seeming split between every science institution in the world and the conservative mouthpieces, whether it’s the GOP’s Rush and Fox-News or the libertarian Cato Institute. The fact that Al Gore is a Democrat and his movie helped educate the world to something scientists had been warning people about for decades make it political to those who always look for partisanship. There is a hugh “us versus them” partisanship that constantly comes from right-wing talk radio and Fox-News (and now MS-NBC on the left), even over something that is so universal as Global Warming.
    Note how many times you will see references to Obama and Al Gore when people make arguements against AGW. This is always a dead give-away that they cannot find scientic evidence for any other possible reason for the warming and they see it as a political issue.

    Again, note Didier’s response. He is so angered that he is threatening attacks against a demographically elected government. But he is not angered by the science, it is the solution he fears. He is a great example of being so afraid of a solution that his is unable and unwilling to discuss the problem. It is that polical and economic fear that block some people from seeing the reality. The economics are separate from the scientific reality and should be in separate discussions.

  3. We used to have June weather in April, and March weather in December.

    That was “global warming” and we were told to expect more of it.

    Then winters were cold again.

    Then they were REALLY cold at times.

    Then we were told that that was global warming too.

    The Summers have been mild of late – – this year quite cool – and the last few years, very rainy through mid-July. And we’re told that THAT’s global warming.

    Except that now they say “climate change.”

    They have no idea what they’re talking about. Whatever happens, they say it’s bad, it’s our fault, and a new tax is the solution.

    And “Big Brother” isn’t cooperation, nor is cooperation what you seek – you seek force. Big Brother is force. You’re not going to ASK me to pay a carbon tax, you’re going to try to make me.

    At some point a tipping point will be reached. Not the tipping point Al Gore talks about. A different tipping point. The same tipping point that was reached in 1763. We will take up arms.

  4. Fear! They fear change and they fear the fact that their god is doing nothing, again, to help.

  5. It boils down to political biases and fear. Bottom line is that they’re afraid of having to pay a little more for gas and energy. Sadly, that’s really all there is to most global warming denial.

    They play their little games and pretend they have real reasons for rejecting the theory. They scream “there’s no proof!”. But when probed as to what aspect of the global warming theory they dispute and why they’re so convinced it’s wrong, they always start talking about politics. They ask “why should I have to pay carbon taxes for a theory that might be wrong?”. They refuse to understand that a scientific theory cannot be proven.

    There was a great question a few days ago which asked people what their best alternative explanation was for global warming if humans aren’t causing it. Nobody could come up with anything. Most answers from both sides of the subject said galactic cosmic rays are the best alternative explanation (I agreed), but as I explained in my answer, that theory is so extremely weak that it’s all but been totally disproven.

    Deniers have no scientific reason for disputing man-made global warming. It all boils down to politics and not wanting to pay a “carbon tax”. That’s why virtually all global warming deniers are politically conservative (or libertarian). The reason for their denial is fear of a carbon tax. That’s what it all stems from. That’s how they’re able to convince themselves of utterly stupid things, including that it’s all a massive hoax/scam/conspiracy.

  6. Jimmbbo’s answer is pretty typical of denier opinion and clearly show how sadly uninformed they are, they continue to claim 100s or 1000s of scientists don’t support GW and yet as in this question
    When trying to get a real organisation to change it views the best Fred Singer could manage was just 54 names many of then no longer members of the APS Some of these also have no background in any science related to climate change, like Ivar Giaever who worked on semi conductors and electronics. Considering that the APS have a membership of ~46,000 you can’t get much a clearer picture of how little support deniers have and they couldn’t use the tricks employed with the petition of 31000 as the list sent to APS had to check out if they wanted it believed.

  7. 98% is a ridiculous number, anyone who believes that is absolutely delusional. The AGW theory is currently loosing scientific support, not gaining. The idea of consensus is a myth.

  8. Because any scientist that has every checked the experimental evidence using the scientific method has found the evidence to be either the result of extremely sloppy work or to be completely false. In fact every statement made supporting the existence of the warming having been caused by human activities is so loaded with weasel phrasing they can not be convicted of ling or stacking the deck.


    Just looking at this chart of solar activity over the last 400 years will clearly illustrate to even the dumbest liberal that “IT IS THE SUN DUMMY”.

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