Is Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship a role model for Climate Change Deniers?

“Yes, this is the same Don Blankenship, Chairman and CEO of Massey Energy, the fourth-largest coal company in the US, who threatened to shoot an ABC reporter seeking an interview and who last December went on a bizarre rant about climate change and conspiracy theories suggesting that climate legislation would be the equivalent of helping Osama Bin Laden and creating Chinese-communist style control over the US.”

“The disaster at the Upper Big Branch mine has focused attention on the business and safety practices of the owner, Massey Energy, a powerful and politically connected company in Appalachia known for producing big profits, as well as big piles of safety and environmental violations and big damage awards for grieving widows.”

9 thoughts on “Is Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship a role model for Climate Change Deniers?

  1. Blankenship is the role model for “Conservative” big businessmen who care more about profilts than the welfare of the worker. They would rather pay some fines than close the mine down for a few hours to vent methane.
    (it’s one of their “costs of doing business”)

    and, so the need for government regulation is justified by the greed of the Conservative businessman.

    It’s the crux of the Liberal-Conservative see-saw battle:

    Cons side with big business, who say we must make profits or we’ll perish

    Libs side with the worker for safety.

    The conundrum is HOW “Cons” have managed to dupe so many working-class people into voting for them, when their policies favor the wealthy?

  2. Climate Change has happened before it is a natural occurrence in Earth. and Al Gore has created the global scam of the century. 40 companies that he owns will support from cap and trade legislation. Sounds like he’s doing it for profit not the good. Watch this video it is only two and a half minutes and then tell me there is nothing suspicious about this global warming climate change crap.

  3. Don Blankenship is a perfect example of what is wrong with this country….GREED above worker safety…I hope some non-union truck loses it’s brakes and runs over him and his family….COMPLETE SCUM !!!!!!!!!!!!! If by chance there is a hell , then he has a reservation…..

  4. This guy was a (Fox) Republican wet dream, he hated the Sierra club (environmentalists) hated global warming, hated unions, Most of all he put PROFIT first. He loved that 2-3 million dollars could buy a supreme court judge in West Virginia. (the money was spent to bring in a judge favorable to them through TV ads and other media).
    The downside is they payed 4.2 million each for the last workers that died (I want to say 4…not sure) Now the lawyers will have a real good case that the deaths were due to gross negligence (60 violations or so?) and they will dish out a fortune.

    I am not sure it could have been prevented because all the details are not in, but when it is the biggest mining disaster in over 20 years and seems to point to disregarding a lot of the safety precautions.

  5. Don Blankenship is a great example of the corruption that comes with big business. Corruption due to power transcends all political positions and ideals.

    If you’re going to quote something, its proper etiquette to cite where your quotation comes from.

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