Climate Change Conspiracy ?

I’m sick of people ignoring climate change. Ignoring it has been facilitated by fossil fuel funded efforts to spread doubt and uncertainty about the science behind climate change. Thus, we’re all confused about climate change, and give up even thinking about it let alone acting to stop it. What sort of conspiracy? Well, have a look at the so-called ‘climate-gate’ situ for a start. The media focused on a few emails that had been badly written by a few scientists. I think they missed the bigger picture — who dug out those emails? Who leaked them to the press? Why did we not see an inquiry into that to see what their motivation was? I’ll bet this is just muck-raking by fossil fuel interests. That’s a bigger story, to me, particularly as the climate science in question has been shown to be robust. Another good example of a fossil fuel conspiracy against climate change is the Global Warming Policy Foundation. This group is clearly funded by fossil fuel interests to spread doubt about climate change science. Human-made climate change is now a scientific fact. If you encounter a group claiming otherwise, ask yourself — why?
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7 thoughts on “Climate Change Conspiracy ?

  1. yeah, seriously, there are much better scams out there than spending 12+ years of your life trying to get a Ph.D, if scientists were just in it for the money they would quit studying and just pose as Nigerian princes…

  2. @TheElasticJesus Cheers for your comments and yes, it is indeed a funny old game. Oh, and thanks for filling in some of the blanks. I knew Monckton must be part of the fossil fuel conspiracy but didn’t know the links.

  3. The proof is already there. Monckton is part of a group of people hired by the Heartland Institute of Chicago to rubbish the science. Heartland receives vast sums from Koch and Exxon, among others.
    Not so long ago Exxon was brought to heel for making hefty donations to the CEI (competitive enterprise Inst) which notoriously used Fox News to discount AGW.

    The facts are there. The CEI incident was big news in the US.
    And yet the sheep still baah.
    It’s a funny old game.

  4. @blamnavin Hi there. So you think the media hold the power. I come back to my original point – who’s got all the money? Those with all the money, have the power. Fossil fuel industry is much richer than the media. Of course, that doesn’t mean that oil tycoons can’t also buy up media. The truth is that climate change is ‘inconvenient’ for the fossil fuel industry. That’s why there’s so much funding of lobby groups to undermine climate change. You in the US? UK media hardly mention climate change.

  5. @EvolvingCaveman The media really. It just depends if they get more money from a scare story that people love gossip on, or if the energy industry giving funding. As the media predominately focuses on the “climate disaster” and actions we must take to avoid global catastrophe and not it being a rubbish joke, i’d say there is more money in the affirmative than the negative. Given the media acts as a private business.

  6. @blamnavin
    Hey there – sorry for slow reply – the power is where the money is. The money is in fossil fuels. Anything that tries to undermine fossil fuels gets sidelined, rubbished or just plain destroyed.
    Who do you think holds the power?

  7. Dude i’m sorry but do you recognise the power behind political parties fighting the bad guy? they always need something to yell about something to morally fight for against the opposition. I’m only noting that it would be a contributing factor and a large one taken for motivation if that is all that is being discussed.

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