How will wind turbines affect the climate?

Question by Dr.T: How will wind turbines affect the climate?
I see that that East Anglia Offshore Wind, Ltd. is going to develop a 7.2GW wind farm. This begs the question: if the turbines are approximately 50% efficient then how will the reduction in wind energy by approximately 15GW affect the climate in the region around the wind farm?

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Wind turbines make noise pollution

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  1. I’ve never heard anyone suppose that windmills can actually stop or slow the wind itself. I suppose it is possible, but it seems a pretty far out idea, like maybe they could but it would be only a very tiny fraction of that wind’s speed.

  2. The National Unit Temperature Society (NUTS) have determined that by messing with the natural wind currents using wind turbines, we will cause sail bots to go backwards and tornadoes to spin sideways. Al Gore is working on a final solution, but right now he is urging all Americans to stop blowing out birthday candles and whistling. It’s a national emergency and needs to be taxed now!

  3. Wind farms can most assuredly have a negative affect on local climate:

    “Wind Farms Impacting Weather”
    “Environmental Engineers Detect Turbines’ Turbulence Effects”

    October 1, 2005 — Wind farms may have an impact on local weather patterns. As environmental engineers have discovered, wind farm propellers create a lot of turbulence in their wake, mixing air up and down with effects that can be detected for miles. But more efficient rotors may significantly reduce this problem.

    With a new power source comes an impact to our environment. Roy says, “Large wind farms can significantly affect local meteorology.” He studied these massive machines and believes wind farms can actually impact our weather because wind turns the blades of the turbine around a rotor, which helps generate electricity the blades create a lot of turbulence in the wake.
    Roy says, “It’s something like the wake from the propeller of a boat. Now this added turbulences mixes air up and down and creates a warming and drying effect near the ground.” He says the affects can be felt for miles and could have an impact on air conditioning costs and more money may have to be spent on irrigation of nearby crops.
    He believes the solution is simple — create better rotors. “We found that low-turbulence rotors are more economically efficient, they tend to generate more electricity than conventional rotors,” he says.

    Wind farms tend to impact the weather more at night, which is when the wind is usually stronger and the most energy is generated.

    BACKGROUND: Wind farms are growing in popularity as an alternative energy source, but an increasing number of critics are concerned about possible negative impacts on local weather. Researchers at Duke and Princeton Universities used computer modeling to determine any possible adverse impacts of a large wind farm in the Great Plains region.
    WHAT THEY FOUND: Large groups of power-generating windmills could have a small influence on a region’s climate. All large wind turbines disrupt natural airflow to extract energy from wind. During the day, the effects from the disturbed airflow are negligible, since natural turbulence mixes the lower layers of the atmosphere. But the researchers found that in the predawn hours, when the atmosphere is less turbulent, a large windmill array could influence the local climate, raising temperatures by about 2 degrees Celsius (about 4 Fahrenheit) for several hours. The rotating blades could also redirect high-speed winds down to the Earth’s surface, boosting evaporation of soil moisture.

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