6 thoughts on “Given their geography and climate, wouldn’t solar be a much better alternative for Iran than nuclear power?

  1. of course! anyone that believes that they are looking at energy instead of weapons is naive. You don’t take the word of a terrorist!!!!

  2. Since you did not ask is Iran building nuclear weapons I will answer the question objectively exactly how you asked. Nuclear power for the immense amount of energy output that is produced is much cheaper than solar power. The cheapest solar plants(which use the sun to produce steam) Still require huge arrays of expensive mirrors and put out very little steam compared to the thousands of Btu per lbs mass of steam put off by a nuclear power plant, and once the process of enriching uranium has been perfected the positive power output of the element is so high that it makes up for the years of money spent prior. Nuclear power is the worlds best energy source currently and Iran knows that.

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