How William Shatner Changed the World – Dr. Marc D. Rayman, Chief Propulsion Engineer, NASA, JPL

Dr. Marc Rayman discusses how StarTrek inspired him to create in real life what he saw on the show. HOW WILLIAM SHATNER CHANGED THE World reveals how scientists who were inspired by Star Trek as children are surpassing the science fiction vision of the future foreshadowed in the program. The two-hour High Definition special explores how much of the sci-fi of Star Trek now permeates everyday life and advanced science. Hosted and narrated by William Captain Kirk Shatner and based on his book Im Working On That.

25 thoughts on “How William Shatner Changed the World – Dr. Marc D. Rayman, Chief Propulsion Engineer, NASA, JPL

  1. My name is on the Dawn space craft. it just made it there too, I have a certificate as well! its so cool.

  2. @jsgirl154 …Actually, I’d say that’s a hasty conjecture to make. There’s far more than a small possibility that they exist, though it’s not certain. The real question is not if they exist but if it makes a difference. We can’t get there and they can’t get here…and if they can, we’ll probably end up with a situation like the Old World vs New World one in 1492 and all through out the European colonization of the Western Hemisphere.

  3. @seapeddler Do not shy away from the responsibilities of your echelon! You seek to distract yourself from the sacred rites with trivial facts! You must focus your mind or Bel-Shamharoth will consume your unwitting soul!


    You can check out the full Award Winning Documentary here . . . . .
    w w w . t e c h h u i . c o m / v i d e o / h o w – w i l l i a m – s h a t n e r – c h a n g e d

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  5. @wabitgirl Bel-Shamharoth, you mean? The soul-eater? A large eyed, many tentacled creature? That’s more complex than Cerberus. But then again, Cerberus had to be killed by a special sword because it was an creature not of this world. Back to the red pyramids and your gr.6 trip. DId you know there are tunnels under Giza that go to Tibet ? You knew that at one time all the pyramids were reddish?

  6. @seapeddler Actually, you just have to kill a kitten in the glory of Bel-Shahamaroth, make an octagram from its organs and then summon the Eight and you’re practically there. That and have lunch with a major political figure and convince them of our beliefs.

  7. @wabitgirl Now what do I have to accomplish to attain ‘deacon’ status?
    Do I receive the sacred Ron Jeremy badge of chivalry as well?
    Must I convince 5 billion others there is no world other than Earth?
    Boy, is it ever fun having all the electrolytes taken from my brain cells.
    Wheeeeeee !!!!!!!

  8. @seapeddler Well done, acolyte. You have passed our final test. Welcome to the sacred order of The Truth Keepers.

  9. @wabitgirl Christopher Dunn has a rather large amt. of info on his website.
    Denoting his findings as conspiracy would not pass as sanity. Why you wish not to believe in the Ancients and their superior technology is your problem.
    We really don’t live 93 000 000 mi. from the Sun, this is a conspiracy theory as well. We have no moon orbiting Earth and everyone on earth is dead.
    Ok, now I know how to tell your kind of truth.

  10. @seapeddler Go to any conspiracy debunking website please, and save yourself the stress…and there’s the bell. Thanks for the dose of psychosis and it’s been nice talking to ya. I’m poppin out of this conversation because life calls. Don’t wait up for me cause I won’t be back XD

  11. @seapeddler Until you yourself, provide me with evidence, in your own words, not some other person’s, as you are asking me to do, I can only presume that you are wrong and excel at making feeble attempts to discourage reality. Funny that, how I can use a quote, practically word for word from your argument and it is equally valid, if not more so. Please, learn to argue. You need to be able to give an argument that can not be refuted by being repeated back to the person giving it. i.e. shut up.

  12. @seapeddler So provide me with evidence. Do not tell me to mature while your provide me with self contradicting arguments. Do not tell me to mature while you dance around with conspiracy theories, spouting them off as truth. Do not tell me to mature. Maturity is the last thing you should want me to do because any “mature” person would have decided you were completely crazy and walked away by now.

  13. @wabitgirl You are not wrong about anything. Be it string theory, black holes, branes,
    shapeshifters, aliens,etc. What you haven’t done is provide a YouTube video or written a book about any one topic you believe in. So, one can only presume that you are wrong, and excel at making feeble attempts to discourage the truth. Stick with ‘Bridge to Terabithia’, cause you need to mature mentally, a tad more.

  14. @seapeddler One does not need to write a book to have counter evidence to evidence. Did you write the book which you have cited? No, I don’t think so. You can simply parrot any great writer, physicist, pretty much anyone who has published a book, as evidence. The background of the person whom you’re quoting is the source of your credibility, so why not write your own book instead of hypocritically pointing out that I haven’t done that. Your skill in debate is as lacking as your rational thoughts

  15. @seapeddler Any comment you make is based in inane, superstitious studies done by fringe professors who have no bearing on the bulk of society and have made little to no difference in modern society. The reason for which I said that I do not think I can change your mind is because I was hoping that you’d be cognizant enough to realize that I have no with to further continue this conversation because I have come to the conclusion that you’re either a paranoid psycho or a blithering idiot. Goodbye

  16. @seapeddler I understand the manner in which the universe functions as well as most people who aren’t deeply into string theory and the related fields can, perhaps better. My point is that arguing with you is like arguing with a small child. No matter what I say and what evidence I provide, you can produce some copy pasta repeat of things you’ve already said and claim that it refutes my evidence, much like religious fanatics often do. Why are you trying to tell me that I’m wrong?

  17. @wabitgirl Any comments you make are based on nonsensical ‘Teddy Ruxpin’ diagnostics. Please wake up because you can’t get through Universtiy by telling the professor he’s a child who thinks there are ‘monsters’ in the closet.
    The only ‘monster’ in the closet is your closed mind.
    Please understand the Universe in an ‘engineered’ realm and not uncharted waters. Agnosticism is the word that fits your commentary.

  18. @wabitgirl If you can’t understand that the Earth was almost destroyed @ 9500-10 000 yrs. ago you are hopeless. But you can’t get away with your attitude in University.
    So please get a telescope and see the destruction that galactic core explosions can reap. Our solar system is swarming with asteroids that are not all from this vicinity.

  19. @wabitgirl Simply put, an ancient society reached technological heights we can only dream of. There world was destroyed by the effects of a supernova in Vela.
    Do you have a telescope, and if so, look at the Crab Nebula, and Dumbell nebulas. Remants of that ancient society are still on Earth. The Pyramids are remnants of a civilization that extended from the Earth, moon, mars, and to interstellar worlds.

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