1981 – Educational – NASA at Work – The Electric Propulsion Rocket

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**Although the UARS satellite tracking website is down, you can still see when it is set to pass over YOUR location, just enter the zipcode and voila.. www.spaceweather.com —————————- It was brought to my attention that the live magnetosphere site is also not giving live updates, it is froze whereas it usually plays a live animation with current data. Hopefully that becomes resolved as well, hmm. www2.nict.go.jp The live-tracker for the UARS (hopefully it comes back online): www.n2yo.com NASA text updates on UARS trajectory: www.n2yo.com Planetary Defense list of Mitigation Techniques: planetarydefense.blogspot.com Search youtube for “ion beam shepherd” —–
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25 thoughts on “1981 – Educational – NASA at Work – The Electric Propulsion Rocket

  1. The media where I lived announced that it hit in okotoks in Alberta Canada and they say it was hoax video and YouTube took this video off you tube. See I’m not sure what to believe on this but the people that make hoaxes video you need to get cancer and die slowly and pain full death. Your pathetic no one knows what is truth or b.s cause of you. Your worse then a crack head who rapes and kills. (I think) not easy to state it but that’s how pist I get.

  2. UARS fell back to Earth between 11:23 p.m. EDT Friday, Sept. 23 and 1:09 a.m. EDT Sept. 24. According to a NASA spokesman, Air Force space-tracking specialists report UARS entered the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean. However, the precise time and locale aren’t yet known.

  3. @LechuCzechu a hundred years? that is ridiculous but I left something out which i DID include in my most recent UARS update video which is that they could hit the satellite’s with MISSILES to break it up into smaller pieces, they seem to have forgotten how to do that in the past 3 years. I’m a 25 year old female UFO hunter… and the IBS has been tested successfully. We have the technology to do these things, how about reading some things b4 unleashing the ignorant verbal diarrhea?

  4. 2:44 – IBS is only a concept. Its not a working technology.
    4:24 - the amount of energy required to alter a flight path of a celestial body (i.e. asteroid) is so enormous that we dont have that kind of technology.
    5:08 – such powerful lasers are sci-fi at the moment.
    5:18 – please – ion thrusters would have to work for hundreads of years to make any noticable change.

    I appreciate the fact that you are interested in aerospace technology but you dont have any engineering konwledge.

  5. @BANKSCARE Ha yeah good point sorta odd seeing them getting all in the mustard but cant ketchup lol, Im currently trying to find any info on todays elenins detour, cant seem to find anything as of yet =/

  6. Seems like cover. But if their really is an asteroid that they expect to break up and hit earth, that would explain a lot. But Asteroids DONT break up, that is a false concept. Well they don’t break up on their own at least. Sad that they wouldn’t give the public a chance to deal with it. I figured out another method for moving the cometary planetoid by clipping the asteroid like a tiddly wink or like an extreme english shot in billiards, which takes little effort, but perfect timing and aim.

  7. @sqiao12345 Thanks for the info, I’ll be watching the skies. It’s sad that we need to look for these answers and guess about it. The mass media is being ignorant about it like always. It’s no surprise anymore, I watch the news to laugh at it, to see what lies they tell us next. Peace, thanks again.

  8. Hmm.. I thought it was only me that couldn’t see it.. the first time I logged on, I got to see it.. but then it froze up, and I tried to refresh, and haven’t been able to get onto it again :( lame.

  9. conspiracy. nasa has the largest budget after the military and they can’t afford servers, Many people are on youtube, you don’t see it crashing

  10. Like Solowshow, I was like, yeah she has a nice voice. Then all of the sudden curses come out. So much for that. 3:20

  11. the app for viewing the sattelite (sat ar) isnt working either, due to server overload… i think i was looking in the right direction 30 minutes ago… but i didnt see it :(

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