Say Electrolytic Injection not HHO generator Brown’s gas

Electrolytic injection is a new and exciting term for HHO, Brown’s Gas, water for fuel, hydrogen injection, and oxyhydrogen fuel cells. Billy Newsom of promotes this new key term in order to develop a more friendly term to be used in marketing, press releases, and in general terminology. Just as all industries have their specialized jargon terms, we already see many ugly phrases used to describe the systems and the gasses which supplement engine fuels with a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen from the electrolysis of water. But of the many technical terms out there, none of them are suitable for the general public… until now. Electrolytic Injection and electrolytic generators are some of these new phrases. See Coining the term Electrolytic Injection by Billy Newsom.

2 thoughts on “Say Electrolytic Injection not HHO generator Brown’s gas

  1. 1384? 1394 is actually Firewire, but you are correct in what you are saying and that is what matters.

    Maybe people should start marketing HHO devices as Emissions Reductions Systems (E.R.S.). Then you would have a better chance of marketing a product without getting railroaded by Attorneys that represent Oil Companies or the Scientific Community.

  2. Yea, the idea is slowly taking hold, even tho the opposition is still mounting a massive counter-intel operation against it. I mean look what happened to the Webster-Heise Valve. The big companies shut it down claiming it didnt work, even tho privately funded tests had great results. But the HHO concept is so simple that people at home are deving the technology. Hard to suppress that. I think eventually it will be a “Tuned Port Electrolytic Injection” where the reaction happens @ the cylinder.

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