Q&A: Has anyone realized the downfalls of hydrogen powered vehicles?

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Question by lowkeymononoke: Has anyone realized the downfalls of hydrogen powered vehicles?
I’m just wondering if anyone has put two and two together. Can you list the pitfalls of hydrogen power?

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Answer by evil_kandykid
I don’t know about the technical concerns. But I know that at least here in the US most states are in a drout. I personally would rather not have my water going to cars.

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10 thoughts on “Q&A: Has anyone realized the downfalls of hydrogen powered vehicles?

  1. hydrogen is hard to store and it still pollutes because it is ether made from fossil fuels or from power that was generated by burning fossil fuels

  2. you can use nano technology and the case of of florin complex to store hydrogen in safe stateکمپلکس‌هاي فولرين– هيدروژن(H2-C28(312+ و (H2-C82)

  3. The only pitfall I know of is they don’t exist yet. How can you criticize something in detail thats only a concept?

  4. First it takes energy to create hydrogen so the net benefit is lessened, second it will require and entirely new infrastructure which will cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Third it’s going to take many years to get this technology affordable but we need something we can get on the road as quickly as possible.

  5. pitfalls of hydrogen
    1) how to produce cleanly
    2) how to store & transport efficiently (small molecule escapes easily, & bulky)
    3) fuel cells not yet available at competitive price, most currently require rare materials
    4) water in cities is a cause of ill-health and building degradation. no studies yet looked at fully

    Why not use battery electric? Li-ion batteries alrady available to meet most personal transport needs, eg http://www.phoenixmotorcars.com

  6. There is just no way to duplicate our lifestyle exactly as it is without burning as much oil, or moreso.
    The thing we have to do is love this Earth, doing our best not to damage it any more than need be. To me, if that means riding a bicycle more, and leaving less of a carbon footprint, so be it, I’m game.
    Of course, Hydrogen is now much more dangerous than using gasoline… I don’t know if they can make it safer, but remember too that the first Model T’s weren’t all too safe, either.
    Only after a lot of research and money did they ever get safer, same with anything.

  7. The most obvious is that it’s hard to store much hydrogen safely. Then there’s production and distribution, and of course, it’s hard on engines because of lubrication issues. There may be more, but that’s what comes to mind.

  8. The biggest thing that nobody seems to notice about running anything, be it cars or power plants from hydrogen, is that the hydrogen has to come from somewhere. If you split water into hydrogen, you can not get as much energy back when you burn it as you put into splitting it. It’s just like a battery. You can’t make energy, you’re only storing it.

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