7 thoughts on “My Little Electrolytic Cell

  1. @stevewangster If the cell is consuming electrical energy, then the anode is positive. If it is delivering power, the anode is negative.

  2. Question: The polarities switch for an Electrolytic Cell correct?

    In an electrochemical cell the anode is (-) and the cathode is (+)

    But in a electrolytic cell or electroplating the anode is (+) and the cathode is (-)

    Can anyone confirm this?

    P.S I am in AP Chemistry

  3. The electrodes are graphite rods from zinc-carbon, size D batteries (cells). Larger rods are available as graphite stirring rods from casting supply houses.

  4. The primary products are chlorine, sodium hydroxide, and hydrogen. The chlorine, produced at the electrode where you see the orange colour coming from, does not escape in large quantities because it reacts with the sodium hydroxide to form secondary products, such as sodium hypochlorite and sodium chlorate.

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