HHO – hydrogen fuel installed in my car – Philippines

hydrogen fuel installed in my car, a Nissan SLX. solution to global warming, fuel price increases. For our test drive, we had 100 pesos gas about 1.7 liters, and the car run up to 35.9kms car used: Nissan Sentra SLX 1989 model engine: 1.3cc

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  1. @amoringis you r out of your mind man… search in ebay and see what happend in america with hho… !!! give your money to the f@#$#%$# oil company!!! all the cheap transportations dies from the oil companys! (sorry for my bad english)…

  2. SO you’re running with a fuel cell? Why? Isn’t it cheaper and better to keep the combustion engine and just “make” the hydrogen once with an outside generator?

  3. parang IV dripset ginamit mo bro.. actually nkagawa na ako ng HHO generator set pra sa vw ko pero tubing nlang kulang.. safe bah IV tubing gamitin?

  4. @urbex2007 Have you ever put an alternator under load and tried to turn it? The engine needs to work 30% harder to produce the hydrogen that does not give back that much in fuel saved. You cant get something from nothing.

  5. napanood ko ung pagasbog ng bubbler mo. Pede siguro backfire arrester ung fuel filter sa motorcycle gawa ata sya sa asbestos. pero ok ung dextrose hose ah, hehe.
    Ahm, pure water ba yan? ilang amp ang kain nyan? Liter per minute? Km per liter?
    Kaylangan na dumami ang HHO sa Philippines.

  6. Congratulations! You have actually installed your HHO in your car. I have built mine two years ago but did not have enough know-how to install in my 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe.

  7. He is NOT reducing the amount of fuel injected, so this has no effect whatsoever on the car. He is using more fuel to provide the extra power required, so it would be more economical without anything fitted! Why do they never learn how an engine works? And who holds a camera on top of a noisy engine and thinks he will be heard above the constant noise. If it sounds that bad it needs the device removing.

  8. Lean? try wet. hho in a hot engine will make steam which will clean the engine up really nicely but one problem is that water buildup on the piston head which hit the sprak plug and fauls the pulg so the car runs like shit. Emissions are almost gone with water vapor introduced. Experiment before making a comment and see the results. I am not being mean just telling you what to expect. This with plasma spark CDI will make the car run almost on no gasoline but small vapors.

  9. You’re just making your car run lean which shortens engine life and increases emissions.

  10. That`s awesome man , i admire people like you.
    Wish i could do that kinda stuff, unfortunately im all thumbs, bummer…

  11. bro ano kaya kong palitan mo ung alternator mo ng mas malakas. alam mo ba ung ginagamit nila na alternator noon sa mga jep kahit lagyan nila ng mga sampong halogin na ilaw ay kaya paring pailawin? yon ang ilagay mo para mas mataas ang amps.

  12. kuya favor,,, may motor kase ako XRM,, pwede kayo mag post ng video na how to connect the hos to carburador,,, kase naguguluhan ako,, yung mga iba kase tinatanggalan nila ng Carburador,,, daretcho agad yung Hos sa manifold, eh panu yung Trotel nun. pano sila makakapag rebulusiyon nun,,, thanks,,,

  13. ayos yan bro, tama lang yan mga experiment mo, gusto ko lang dito sana lahat kayang gawin ito kahit sa bahay, para sila na lang gagawa.. at free energy para sa lahat ng tao sa mundo. para yung big oil comapnies puro lubricants na lang bebenta nila he he he ..cguro pwede natin magamit ito sa pag luto, sa mga makina ng magsasaka at lahat ng sasakyan dito sa pinas, ayos yan no pollution.

  14. ayos yong ginagawa mo bro ha.. :) puede ba yan sa offroad truck ko? diesel kasi yong engine ko.. gusto ko sanang pag experimentohan yong truck ko.hehehe dibale ng masira total luma naman yong truck ko.. more power bro! ingat!

  15. I think you forgot that this is the Philippines not US. Everyone does his own thing here and nobody will stop you. Not much regulation here. Not even big oil can stop the Filipino!!! This where corruption in the government is a good thing.. he..he..he. he

  16. no we won’t people have already perfected these cars, the oil companies and the government will not allow it.

  17. Good job.Just always think about safety.We are almost there and sooner and later we all be breathing fresh air.GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

  18. you mean you use already about two months? have you realy save gas? and how many percent? and you don’t even use EFIE and you inject directly in the carburato regards

  19. noon ko pa naisip yan bro eh, kaso pag ginamitan nyan, mabilis uminit para kang nagpakulo ng tubig (pwede ng magkape.. hehehe).

    meron ako bago design, may cooler na, radiator na maliit… ipopost ko video dito, walan lang ako gano time, medyo busy dami ginagawa.

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