Ford’s Hydrogen-Powered, Plug-In Hybrid

We took a spin yesterday in the Ford HySeries Edge, the world’s first working plug-in, fuel-cell, hydrogen-powered car, which the Detroit automaker plans to show off as a concept at the New York auto show tomorrow. Though wafting zero-emissions exhaust in our face taught us plenty as to the realities of a hydrogen-powered automotive experience, what really made our test special was actually being able to drive a car running on advanced hydrogen fuel-cell technology that can power itself with a 336-volt battery pack. For more videos from Popular Mechanics visit: Everything from the World of Popular Mechanics: Subscribe to Popular Mechanics: –

Read more at A concept car unveiled in London, UK, today releases nothing more toxic than water.

50 thoughts on “Ford’s Hydrogen-Powered, Plug-In Hybrid

  1. @McQuaidm

    I’m Christian Extremist, American, Republican and I think this car is amazing! I say let’s get a hydrogen infrastructure in place A.S.A.P.

  2. Electric cars that you charge at home would be a great idea… but what happens when you need to drive more than twenty miles in a day? Should we all just give up on road trips?

  3. pure dumbass”I was driving to work this morning, and watching the beautiful Hydrogen Fuel Cells growing on trees. I thought, we should pick them and use them to drive!
    What a dumbass idea this is! If it isn’t natural, easier to access, and cheaper than oil, it isn’t a solution.”.. pure dumbass water does grow on trees shit brains. holy shit mother fuckers are about fucking retards. i can make at home a water fuel cell car for around 5k and it will last about 30 years or more.

  4. You guys must be republican american xtremist christians or sometimes because every time there is a good idea you think it’s stupid because your all a bunch of tools. stupid people

  5. I was driving to work this morning, and watching the beautiful Hydrogen Fuel Cells growing on trees. I thought, we should pick them and use them to drive!

    What a dumbass idea this is! If it isn’t natural, easier to access, and cheaper than oil, it isn’t a solution…

  6. I agree that Co2 is a problem because since 2006 we’ve put 4 gigatons of Co2 in the atmosphere. And hydrogen is not always derived from water. Actually it would most likely never come from water because it takes more energy to break down water than the energy we get back by combustion. It’s not cost effective so companies would never commit.

  7. water vapor is self regulating by condensing in to rain and falling back to earth and since we take water and separate it into H, O to get the H bottled for fuel when its burned it recombined into H20. so how are we creating more water vapor when we have to use water to get the fuel in the first place. if anything we’re creating more CO using coal, gas and oil power plants to separate the water into its elements.

  8. Because according to the laws of thermodynamics you can’t get something for nothing. It takes energy to separate hydrogen out of compounds such as water.

    Once it’s separated with Electrolysis you can only ever get less energy back than you put in by burning it again and turning it back into water.

    Bottom line is that it’s less efficient than gasoline

  9. Too bad that hydrogen fuel costs more energy to make than is released burning it.

    Otherwise this would be perfect.

  10. look it up. Carbon Dioxide is 380 ppm of our atmosphere or for you to understand, .38%. The number one greenhouse gas is water vapor.

  11. This is not a good thing. Everyone thinks carbon dioxide is our problem as a greenhouse gas, but water vapor (steam) is the number one greenhouse gas, taking up close to 98% of our atmosphere. We would only be making things worse.

  12. We have a real chance to develop something to stop the oil companies from screwing us. Forcing us to refuel at any type of station just encourages that behaviour again. Electric is the best alternative. We can recharge at home and never visit a station again.

  13. It should pump the water to a tank, and add a nozzle, so that you could get tea or hot chocolate wherever you are, for those cold wintery days.

  14. you dont buy a car unless you have a filling station but you dont buy a filling station uless their are thousans of cars

  15. @datzfast its not exactly about money though. i think solar energy is better and i’m not all too convinced by the hydrogen cars, but if we continue to slowly move away from oil just baby steps then eventually the system will adapt, it just takes tiem, but oh man 2 million dollars a car, lol

  16. Free Energy is real but the coverup is strong, if you are interested in a REAL free energy machine then

    just search for the LT MAGNET MOTOR in the youtube video search , it is probably the ONLY working magnet

    motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

  17. @MarkieFan200 because you were looking on the wrong side, the drivers seat was on the right, and if you actually give it a good look you can see the other guy is standing with the door open on the write while the other guy opens the left side door. but i’m pretty sure you were kidding, idk

  18. this isnt new. a few years ago a scientist from china made a hydrogen powered card but after 2 week he was killed for his invention…sad :(

  19. OMG!!! The car was driving and when he opened the door there was no-one inside!!! There is a conspiracy!!! Hydrogen powered cars disintergrate the drivers!!!

  20. the moment they sell it they will buy it and take it apart anyway. So it wount make much of a diference. And when that time comes I dount anyone will show us how it works or we wount be so intrested anymore

  21. they’re not gunna reveal all that are they, use your brain. Other companies would just nick the idea

  22. I’m not reading all the comments below..but I’m just wondering how the hell did hydrogen powered cars lead onto 911:S

  23. Quite right. I consider the “Hot Dog Man Did It” theory to be proven beyond reasonable internet argument doubt. Thanks for clearing that up for me Captcaveman4201. If not for your eye opening analysis, I’d have gone on living in the Stygian darkness of my ignorance.

  24. what evidence are you looking at? the plane parts that are being dropped off on the lawn on the pentagon? think about it.. why would anyone be putting their hands ont he so-called evidence.. Or are you lookin at the hole that IS NOT BIG ENOUGH TO FIT THAT PLANE? or are you talkin about the evidence of the video tapes from nearby gas stations and hotels that were confiscated, and never shown to the public. FOR THEIR OWN SECURITY IM SURE! look at the evidence! but look at it all! dont cherry pick

  25. I think facepalm is all the answer this question deserves, but I’ll give the straight answer anyway… rotational momentum. If the cloud of gas and dust which condensed under gravity was spinning even a little bit, and it was, then as the cloud condensed that rotation was preserved. As it shrank it sped up, like an ice skater speeds up when she brings her arms in to her body.

    Thus, pretty much everything in the solar system is rotating. Nothing mysterious about it, basic high school physics.

  26. Maybe the hot dog stand operator planned 911 in those secret meetings!

    Think about it! It makes complete sense!

    Have you ever been allowed to listen in on the private discussions of a hot dog stand guy with his suppliers or accountants or otherwise? No?

    Then it is just so obvious. The hot dog man was behind 911, he was angry about proposals from certain dieticians to reduce the recommended daily consumption of manufactured meats.

    Evidence? That’s for closed minded and dogmatic people.

  27. you know te reason behind that you are not allowed into those meetings? whats the big secret? BECAUSE THEY ARE WORKING AGAINST YOU !! AND DON’T HAVE YOUR BEST INTREST IN MIND!! they are lookin out for themselves! And no it wasn’t a plane!! use common sence for 1 min ok and think about it! the nerve center for the military and they only have that 1 video angle? sure ! and all of those training missions on THAT particular day!? there are too many so called coincidences. it was planned !!!!!!!!!!

  28. Of course there are boardroom meetings you and I are not allowed into. And of course they’re after profits, that is what a corporation does. That’s what all businesses do, including the local hot dog stand operator who presumably has meetings with his banker or tax accountant or whatever which you are not invited to. It doesn’t follow there is a dastardly conspiracy behind the hot dog man though.

    (American mustard is people!)

    And a plane hit the Pentagon, leaving aircraft parts all over!

  29. Don’t tell me that there is not conspiracy involved.. Are there boardroom meetings that you and i are not allowed into? and the discusions at these meeting are to figure out how to maximize profits? you know damn well that there are. You say that you are good at science? Figure out then what happened to the pentagon on 9/11. If you understand how that device works.. Then you will know how the universe works.

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