5 thoughts on “Hybrid Electric Vehicle Modeling and Simulation

  1. Very interesting. I am kind of new to Matlab. I have used business
    simulation tools in the past for oil / gas related processes (Arena,
    Witness, etc) and others for more generic strategic analysis (Ithink
    /Stella). I would have not thought that a general methodology overview like
    the one presented in this video would be available to the general public.
    This info / methodology / tools made available says that EHV development (
    maybe in less sophisticated forms) will soon be a reality in emerging
    countries also. Excellent video. Thanks. 

  2. Hi George Thomas ,I interested in this file because i have a project about
    electric vehicle ,but i don’t know how to download this file ,If possible
    please you tell me how to do that or could you send this file to my Email
    :>>> nawapatee52@gmail.com. thank you ^ ^ 

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